Costa Rica

Volunteering in Costa Rica
Costa Rica is one of the most politically stable countries in Latin America. It is located in Central America. The country is the holiday hub of many US and European vacationers. It has a lot of attractions to offer vacationers. Volunteering is a great means of exploring the country. Volunteering in Costa Rica will add to your travel experience. It also helps in fostering the local economies in a sustainable manner.

The country offers wide range of programs to volunteer vacationers. This is one of the facts that make it one of the leading volunteer vacation spots across the globe. Every volunteer holidaymaker will find an area where his or her skills are required in Costa Rica. Working in education, helping in growing plants, getting involved in sea turtle conservancy, teaching the local English and others are some of the volunteer opportunities in the country.

Facts of about Costa Rica
The economy of Costa Rica is booming and this explains why it is rated among the wealthiest countries of Latin America. At the end of the country’s civil war, the President of the country abolished the army in 1948. Since then, the country has experienced enormous development in various aspects. However, there are still much left to be done in the country in order to take it to the top of the ladder when it comes to development. The country is still facing some development problems which include economic, deforestation, youth development, gender inequalities, uncontrolled number of undocumented immigrants and others. The above highlights the needs for volunteers in Costa Rica.

The currency of the country is known as Colon. 1 CRC is about 0.002 USD. The average cost of living for a month in Costa Rica is $1000 which is about 498,770 CRC. The meals at the local eateries known as the sodas are affordable.

Various Volunteer Programs in Costa Rica
The number of tourists that visit the country on yearly basis is put at 2.2 millions. There are various types of work that volunteers among them can do. Below are some of the volunteer programs in the country.

  • Enlightenment Program – There are different types of enlightenment programs that volunteer workers can do in Costa Rica. One can teach the indigenes English language or new things that they do not know.
  • Save the Turtles – Turtles are among the endangered species. Their population is gradually getting lower on yearly basis. You can join force with the conservancy team in the country to save baby sea turtles.
  • Protect the Forest – Deforestation is one of the problems facing the country today. If you are a forester or you derive joy in forestry, you can help in tree planting or afforestation. You can also help in management of wildlife, forest and trail maintenance and other forest related services.
  • Go Organic – Many people do not know the importance of going green or organic. You can help out in this area by teaching people what it means to go organic, growing organic farm and the likes.
  • Visiting Costa Rica – US citizens visiting the country for a holiday of 90 days are not required to obtain any visa. If you are extending your holiday beyond 90 days, you have to obtain a visa. People from other continents coming for volunteer vacation in the country should obtain their visa first.

There is little or no health concern in Costa Rica. You do not require any immunization before coming to the country. The country is safe.

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